Rising Sons – Brewery tour and guided tasting

Rising Sons Brewery

Fully Booked. 

Why not visit Cork City’s finest, award-winning micro-brewery and let us take you through our history, our beer making process and finally a guided beer tasting of two to three of our beers.

Our tour will briefly bring you through Ireland’s rich brewing history and explain how our family-owned and independently run brewery fits into Ireland’s current thriving beer scene.

We will introduce you to a simplified science behind making beer and introduce you to each of the different vessels and how they’re used in our custom- built brewery.

From the brewery we move to the bar to take you through a guided beer tasting where we introduce you to the Rising Sons’ award-winning brews, and offer you an opportunity to learn a little bit about identifying different beer styles as well as giving you a chance to tell us what you think.

Finally, we round up the tour with a quick Question & Answers session where we’ll do our utmost to answer any questions you’ve ever had about beer, the art of making it and indeed drinking it.


Genres: Arts | Crafts | Traditional Skills, Food | Gastronomy, Science |Technology | Engineering | Maths
Age Suitability: Over 18s only
Facilities: Bar, Restaurant
Address: Rising Sons Brewery, Cornmarket Street, Centre, Cork, Ireland
Phone: 0212414764
Locations: Cork City
Event Start Time (pm)
5 pm
7 pm
Event End Time (pm)
6.30 pm
8.30 pm
Booking required
Fully Booked