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30 Plays in 60 Minutes

Aoife Delaney Reade
20:00 - 21:00
No Booking Required
All Ages


30 Plays in 60 Minutes is an experimental form of theatre pioneered by Greg Allen and the Neo-Futurists, and thegoal, as the name implies, is to perform 30 different plays in 60 minutes. All plays take place in the room, and everything performed is the truth–no characters. Each audience member receives a menu as they walk in. Look on that menu, you will see a list of plays. There are 30 plays. There are 30 numbers hanging above the performers heads. Each number corresponds to a play on the menu. The audience choose the order of the show. Some plays are funny, others serious, others just bizarre. Audience and performers are in this together, and our common enemy is time. We’ll have 60 minutes on the clock.


Full Address: Ah Sure Look It - Gift Shop, Woodquay, Galway, Ireland
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