20 Shots of Opera

INO / Siamsa Tíre

Conceived, composed, recorded and filmed in the Gaiety Theatre, Dublin in just six months amid lockdowns, INO’s 20 short operas showcase the breadth and depth of Irish operatic talent.
In collaboration with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, this is a looped film of 20 operas, each lasting 20 minutes, representing nearly 7 hours of opera at its most vibrant. Audience members are welcome to come and go.
20 Shots of Opera has something to say on a huge range of topics; finding human connection, dealing with rejection, grief, illness and death, coping with psychological challenges, protecting the environment, living off-grid, pandemic dating, wetsuits, latex gloves, super spreaders, Beethoven’s laundry, microbiology and doughnuts.

Genres: Music
Facilities: Bar, Parking
Address: Siamsa Tire, Tralee, County Kerry, Ireland
Locations: Tralee
Event Start Time (pm)
4 pm
Event End Time (pm)
10 pm
No Booking Required