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Culture Night Expression of Interest Form

The Culture Night expression of interest form is primarily for people who have never participated in Culture Night before or people who want to get involved in a new Local Authority area.

If you have previously organised a Culture Night event in your area we recommend that you contact your local Arts Office directly, as before. It is not necessary to use this form in such cases.

Your expression of interest form will be forwarded to your Local Arts Office for review.

Please note that each local Arts Office takes a different approach to programming for Culture Night and that the local Arts Office decision in relation to inclusion in the programme is final.

Please note that as an expression of interest this is NOT an application for funding.

Each Local Authority takes its own approach to funding events in their Culture Night programme, in accordance with local policy and practice. We advise that you contact your Local  Authority Arts Office directly for further details. The full list of contacts can be found here:


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