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Culture Night Late Funding 2024 - FAQ's

I am an individual, can I apply for a Culture Night Late award? 

No, but you can be a partner in an application.

How many partners are required for a Culture Night Late application? 

There must be at least two partners for funding applications:

a) Local Authority/Arts Office identified and led late night flagship with an audience capacity of over 500 people in partnership with one or more arts centres/arts organisations/arts festivals/or curators, 


b) Arts centre/arts organisation/production company/arts festival led late night flagship events with an audience capacity of over 500 people in partnership with the respective local arts office and other arts partners. 

Can you make more than one application to the 2024 Culture Night Late Award? 

You can be the lead application in one award and a partner in another application. 

Can there be only one application from each Local Authority Area? 

No, there is no limit on the number of applications submitted from a local authority area. the Local Authority can be the lead applicant on one application only, however they must be a partner and support all applications. 

How can a local authority support an application? 

Local Authorities can support an application in a number of ways, e.g. financially or organisationally/in kind*. We would encourage you to engage in conversations with your local authority as early as possible in the project. 

*Please read the details of in-kind support in the guidelines carefully. 

In advance of any joint application to the Arts Council, are there any insights on how a local authority might apply a selection criteria to a range of applications from their area? 

These decisions will be taken at a local level by the relevant local authority. You should engage with your local authority Arts Office as early as possible in this process. 

When will I know if my 2024 Culture Night late application has been successful? 

Decisions will be communicated to applicants before the end of May. 

Does the audience capacity of over 500 people need to be in one location or could they be accross severak co located venues? 

It is possible that an event could take place in more than one venue in the same vicinity.

Our venue capacity is less than 500, could we run a flagship event twice to achieve an audience capacity of over 500 people? 

The purpose of the flagship event is an innovative event between a range of partners (including the local authority) to animate public places and shared places. 

We would encourage smaller venues and those in rural areas to investigate multiple solutions and different formats to ensure that the proposed production is accessible to the 500 capacity over the course of the eventing. 

Examples of previous flagships can be viewed here:

Could a collective be seen as an arts organisation? 

Potentially. You should read the guidelines carefully and see if you meet the criteriafor a lead applicant who can accept the terms abnd conditions of the award; for example, does the collective have a bank account in its own name etc. If not, you may consider being a partner and not a lead applicant. 

Is funding just for larger urban areas? 

No, we are looking for a broad spatial spread nationally for the events funded through this award. You should however be mindful of population centres (towns etc) who are most likely to attract an audience in excess of 500. You should engage with your local authority Arts Office to discuss the possibilities in your area. 

Rural communities may have a number of challenges not faced by urban communities, is there a seperate funding stream that takes this into account? 

The 2024 Culture Night Late award does not distinguish between urban and rural communities. Please do contact your local authority Arts Office who will support the local programme to happen in a range of settings. 

Who can be a co-funder for a Culture Night Late event? 

The award will cover 60% of costs, and the remainder (at least 40%) should be matched by the applicant/project partners. 25% of matched income can be support in kind. 

The maximum you can apply for is €12,500

We would encourage you to engage in conversations with your local authoriy as early as possible in your project. 

Can proposals include online immersive events? 

there may be an online/broadcast/digital element to your proposal, but the events are intended to be in person. 

Can events take place within Northern Ireland? 

While Culture Night is an all-island public event, the Culture Night Late Award, will only fund events with the Republic of Ireland. 

The award is open to local authority arts offices (including Ealaín na Gaeltachta), arts festivals, arts centres, production companies and arts organisations only. An organisation or individual who does not fit into this category is not eligible to apply as lead applicant. 

What kind of events will be funded? 

your application must be for an innovative, large scale event that will take place on Culture Night – September 20th 2024

Can events take place outside Ireland, e.g within Irish embassies? 


Do venues have to be alocohol free? 

venues and events on Culture Night do not have to be alcohol free.

Do you have any advice on security requirements for a late night event? 

Security requirements are a conversation to be had at a local level, taking into account the specific event proposed. 

What art forms can apply for this award? 

All arts forms and practices are eligible to apply, there is no definition applied in the guidelines. However, artistic excellence is a strategic priority for teh Arts Council and we encourage applications that are of a high-quality, demonstrating an ambitious, innovative and collaborative approach for excellent arts activities in any or multiple art forms and practices. 

Can an event become an installation that is maintained for a set period of time post event? this engages with sustainable production routes instead of spectacle pop ups. 

Yes, however costs funded under the Culture Night Late Award would be limited to those in order to deliver the event on Culture Night. 

Can events charge a fee after a certain time on the night? 

To be condidered an event as part of Culture Night 2024 the event must be free to the public. 

Useful Links: 

Details on the events funded as part of Culture Night Late 2023 can be found at:

Please note, that the criteria and funding available for Culture Night 2023 was different. Please ensure you refer to the Culture Night Late Award guidelines when making your application. 


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