Regional Ambassadors - WEXFORD, Richard Carr


“Wexford is a county that treasures its communities, welcomes its visitors and celebrates diversity. This years Culture Night will be a showcase of this on a national stage.

With such a wide array of high quality events, opening up free of charge to the public, Wexfords’ Culture Night is going to be absolutely fantastic. At the heart of every cultural landscape should and must be a focus on its artists / cultural practitioners and Wexford is beginning to lead in this field.”


Since returning home to Wexford Richard has been invested in making Co. Wexford a livable destination for artists and cultural practitioners and through his work with OpenGorey has been extremely active in developing the cultural landscape of the county. Wexford has fantastic cultural facilities and its resources have continued to grow over the past few years.


I believe it is possible to live and work as an artist outside of the cultural capitals and Wexford as a region can lead in this regard. Industry, culture and communities thrive when in each others company, working in a collaborative fashion by opening up and sharing resources and knowledge.”


Richard has proved himself as one of Ireland’s leading young artists. His recent solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art London was selected by Culture Ireland to feature as part of its national GB18 programme. Towards the development of this exhibition he was also awarded the ArtLinks Bursary Award for professional artists living in the South East.


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