Regional Ambassadors - CARLOW, Turlough O’Brien


“I spent my entire life immersed in GAA culture. In my book, ‘South Leinster Cycle Routes’ I visit and celebrate many of the heritage sites of County Carlow and the importance of our sense of place and who we are. We are Carlow.

Culture takes so many forms, each of them enriching our lives. Irish culture finds its expression in our songs, our dance, our story tellers, our poets and our artists. It is what makes us Irish.

The artists I am most familiar with are those who play our native games. Our games are unique and nothing engenders greater pride in me, as an Irishman, than to be present on match days as our camán wielders and footballers display their silken skills while they compete with pride in the place they come from and the people they represent.

On a musical front, I never cease to be amazed by the work of my wife Mary and her choir ASPIRO as they push out the boundaries of performance and collaboration with other art forms.”